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City of Bones at LeakyCon

So I at the Portland LeakyCon this weekend, and today they showed us a scene from the City of Bones movie. Let me just say… I was not expecting it to be so long.

So imagine this:
Clary, Jace and Simon crossing the street to a tattered looking gate.

Simon says, “What is this dump?”

Clary, looking up, replies, “This isn’t a dump.”

I watched delightedly as the Institute unfolded before me, exactly how I imagined it. They walk inside, and the door closes behind them, a series of intricate locks sealing their entry point. The interior is very open with lots of.. Just beautiful detail.

Clary, taking in the institute, falls back into Simon’s arms as he guides her gently to the ground. Jace leans over her and rips her sleeve open, revealing a demon bite. After saying as much, he pulls Clary into his lap.

"Is this the part where you rip part of your shirt and tie it around my arm?" Clary teases.

"If you wanted me to take my clothes off, you should have just asked," Jace smirks down at her.

So much more happens after that, but I won’t give it away. All I will say is that the banter between Jace and Simon is so incredibly perfect. And Isabelle is so pretty! And Alec is so pretty! And they are all so pretty! AND THE BANTER!

So, get excited for this movie guys! Help Maureen star in City of Ashes! GO SEE THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES!
And thank you, Sony, for sharing this clip!